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What is Jenny Credit Advisor and how does it work?

Automated investment services can facilitate portfolio management. A new type of online software has emerged that can help you manage your investments. These products are called “Jenny Credit advisers”.

Jenny Credit adviser may be a good solution for someone who does not want to hire a financial adviser, does not yet have sufficient resources to hire him or for someone who is a typical DIY investor. At the same time, he no longer wants to select investments, balance the portfolio and make manual transactions on his accounts.

Jenny Credit advisers can automatically choose investments and build a diversified portfolio for you. After investing the funds, the software automatically makes changes in investments to adapt the portfolio to the target allocation. Some Jenny Credit advisers even make transactions automatically to help reduce tax costs. This is a process called accumulating tax savings.

What fees are associated with this?

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With Jenny Credit adviser you pay a service fee and cover expenses for used investments. Each Jenny Credittic adviser charges an appropriate service fee, which can be set as a fixed monthly fee or as a percentage of assets. With Jenny Credit advisors who charge a fixed monthly fee, the fee usually ranges from about USD 15 a month to USD 200 depending on the size of the portfolio. With a percentage share in the structure of assets, fees will range from about 0.15% to 0.50% of the account size per year. If you had USD 100,000, 0.50% of the fee would be USD 500 a year.

You also pay all expenses related to investments used by Jenny Credit advisors. For example, investment and other funds that have fixed handling charges. This type of commission is taken from the fund’s assets before any returns are given to investors. Many of these online wallet solutions offer a free trial period so you can see how it works before you get charged.

Benefits of using Jenny Credit Advisor services

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One of the biggest benefits of using Jenny Credit adviser services is to avoid costly investment mistakes. It has been documented many times that one of the biggest reasons investors are performing poorly is their own behavior. Investors make emotional decisions at the top of the market and at its low levels, and based on premonitions. The software does not make such errors.

Another benefit is the reduction of stress. When you open an account, Jenny Credit advisor automates the entire process. You no longer have to worry about making changes to your portfolio or wondering if you should invest more in technology or less in finance. You do not need to log in and enter into transactions. You don’t have to worry that the broker or other financial sales person makes a recommendation that is not in your best interest.

Who are the best Jenny Credit advisors for?

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Jenny Credit advisors can be a great solution for beginner investors, young professionals who want their portfolio to be “automatic” and for investors who have a relatively simple situation.

Investors who have stock options, who need to coordinate company benefit packages and retirement accounts with other accounts, or who need a non-standard approach to investing tax issues. They may conclude that an automated solution is not ideal for them.

What investments are implemented in this case?

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Most Jenny Credit advisors use investment funds to build a portfolio, not individual shares. Jenny Credit advisors typically use an index fund or passive investment approach based on modern portfolio theory research. These studies say that the most important factor is the allocation of shares or bonds. Then, we focus on the underlying asset classes of shares, such as high capitalization, low capitalization or international assets. Then, the emphasis is on which classes of underlying asset classes to consider, e.g. short, medium or long-term. With a Jenny Credit advisor, the software does it all for you

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