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Far from everyone compares interest rates on mortgages

Here on the site, we often talk about the importance of comparing interest rates on mortgages before applying for a loan. However, it is really far from everyone who does this.

A survey conducted shows that only 49% compare interest rates. This is absolutely low figure in my eyes and clearly worrying.

What is even more alarming


Is that low-income earners are the worst at comparing interest rates. Indeed, as many as 59% of these do not compare interest rates, while 45% of high-income earners do not. And then one should clearly say that it is the low-income earners who have the greatest benefit of comparing prices, as margins tend to be smaller in the economy if incomes are lower.

If you do not even choose to compare interest rates before a loan is taken, then in my eyes you do not have so much right to complain about high prices, etc. In my opinion, it is the same as not having the right to complain about politics in the country if you do not vote in the elections yourself. So I think that if you do not compare interest rates then you should also not complain and if you compare then you have every right to complain if you are not satisfied ie.

Then you should also remember


That the interest rates listed are not the lowest possible interest rates to receive. You as a borrower can always negotiate with a lender before you take out a loan and in this way often get the interest rate down a bit.

Another interesting thing that this survey showed was that half of those who have taken a mortgage later have tried to negotiate the interest rate on it. Of those who have negotiated, apparently as many as 80% have managed to negotiate the interest rate down. It might be something to consider if you have floating loans that you think are too expensive.

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